Webcomic Beacon #238: Interview with Brad Brown and Leslie Ortego of Blaster Nation

Brad Brown and Leslie Ortego join Fes Works and Mark Savary this week. Another member interview from The Hiveworks; it’s time for Blaster Nation! Lots of questions from the live chat on Vokle, for this episode! Fes recounts his trip to urgent care and exposure to Moulin Rouge; plus there are discussions of Team Fortress 2 and Nintendo based movies. Fes also mistakenly accuses Leslie of drawing a giant co… well, he was wrong anyway.

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Promo: Animation Aficionados
Break Song:
NYU Girls Wouldn’t Talk To Me If I Were on Fire and Had a Bag of Money by Joshua Grosvent

Notes: Octopus Pie, Questionable Content, Riley (Dead Winter), KoryBing (Skin Deep), That Guy With The Glasses’ Moulin Rouge musical review, Dallas STRIP, InterventionCon, Misfile, Saboten Con, Mecha Con,

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