Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for July 22nd, 2012

Dean Esmay (Dean’s World) and Chelsea Bueckert (Mysti’s Domain) joins in on this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion, starting off by talking about the Digital Price Fight that happened at SDCC, Penny Arcade’s Reality Show idea, and the display of women in the comic industry. Marie Tary head this week’s show with last week’s comics news brought to you by Jason Strawsburg and Eric Kimball!

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Top Stories

SDCC: Digital Comics Price Fight
Original Source: The Beat


Oni Press Adds Webcomic Collections
Original Source: ICv2

Marvel announces it will continue making sequels to everything and then some other stuff
Original Source: Boing Boing

XKCD Takes on Hypothetical Questions of Physics
Original Source: Daily Cartoonist

12 Dead, 38 Wounded Following Shooting at ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Midnight Showing
Original Source: Mtv Geek


Ron Perazza can’t keep a job it seems
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Things are looking better in the comic market
Original Source: The Comics Chronicles

Diamond Offers Retailers Expansion Incentives
Original Source: ICv2


Twitter raises stakes in ‘who owns your tweets’ fight
Original Source: GiGaOM

YouTube sends video makers to summer school
Original Source: GiGaOM


Thinking about cons
Original Source: Mtv Geek



No, Kickstarter is Not the #2 Graphic Novel Publisher – OpEd
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: Tor.com

Penny Arcade propose Webcomic Reality show
Original Source: Penny Arcade


Shell asked not to share “offensive” fake ads
Original Source: ZD Net
Additionally: Shell Tweets

McDonalds vs Cyborg
Original Source: Yahoo

Real-Life Super-Villain Rex Velvet Foiled By 12 Year-Old Hero And The Make-A-Wish Foundation
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Things that make us cry

Rush Limbaugh spies link between Dark Knight Rises’ Bane and Bain
Original Source: Robot 6

Batwoman needs to start purging according to comic book pros
Found via: Onezumiverse
Original Source: Escher Girls
Additionally: The up side is that it kind of leads to a job offer

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