Webcomic Beacon #237: Interview with Julie Sydor, and her Snowflame fan comic!

Julie Sydor joins Fes Works this week. We talk about her comic past as it has eventually led her to create the fan comic for Snowflame!

Promo: The Geek Life


Notes: Song of Straygo, Sparking Hostage Estate, Atop the Fourth Wall (New Guardians #2), Yamino (Tumblr), First Issue, Atop the Fourth Wall (Sir Charles Barkley and the Referee Murders), Dinosaur Comics, Dr. McNinja,

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Pretty sure the lead earner in webcomics is Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal. Seriously, that guy is a superbeast of marketing. It’s sincerely scary, but I don’t think he’d snub you if you talked to hi nice, Fes.

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