Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for July 8th, 2012

Ian Samson (City of Reality and The Wotch) joins in on this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion, starting off by talking about the Declaration of Internet Freedom. This last week’s comics news is brought to you by Thomas Revor, Jason Strawsburg, Eric Kimball, and Marie Tary!

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Top Stories

Harvey Awards Nominations Announced
Original Source: Robot 6

Best Online Comics Work
Battlepug, Mike Norton
Bucko, Erika Moen And Jeff Parker
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant, Tony Cliff
Gronk, Katie Cook
Hark! A Vagrant, Kate Beaton


Declaration of Internet Freedom
Original Source: BoingBoing

Battle Pug short interview
Original Source: Comics Alliance


The Whole Story; name your price on a digital collection
Found via: Robot 6
Original Source: The Whole Story

More Data about Kickstarter
Original Source: Comix Tribe

Chris Weston on the Future of Comic
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: The Sardinian Connection

Marvel NOW – A DC 52 style relaunch
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


History of Censorship; Yellow Kid
Original Source: CBLDF


Verizon Claims Net Neutrality Violates Free Speech
Original Source: Ars Technica

Korea’s Net Neutrality Battle
Original Source: GiGaOM


Charles Carreon Threatens to sue “some time”
Original Source: Pope Hat
Additionally: BoingBoing


Bizzaro Classic
Original Source: Robot 6

MS Paint Adventures Fans create fake anime
Original Source: Escapist Magazine

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