Webcomic Beacon #236: Interview Chloe C. of Go Get a Roomie

Chloe C. (Go Get a Roomie) and Antares (Hiveworks) join Fes Works and Kelly Turnbull for this week. Go Get a Roomie is a part of the new webcomics collective, Hiveworks.

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Music: Waiting for the Night by Furries in a Blender (Storm World)
*320k, Bass-boosted MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Sister Claire, Four Tales, Misfile, Blaster Nation, Namesake, Crazy Sunshine, Blank It, 91.8 The Fan,

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By the way, I apologize for those who came to listen live. I could not tell if sound was going through to Vokle or not. But it was indeed recorded, which was more important, than making sure it broadcasted live.

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