Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for July 1st, 2012

Onezumi and Harknel (Intervention Con) join in on this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion; largely to discuss recent topics on (trigger warning) rape in storytelling and rape culture. This last week’s comics news is brought to you by Thomas Revor, Jason Strawsburg, Eric Kimball, and Marie Tary!

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ReviewZ: Bug! by Adam Huber.
Review by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

Seth McFarlane’s movie Ted similar to webcomic Imagine This
Found via: Daily Cartoonist
Original Source: Editor and Publisher


Site that make reading webcomics easier
Original Source: i09

Gay pride Comic Characters
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Continuing Stories

On the other hand, Inman’s Set up his “money shot”
Original Source: Washington Post

Registrar.com caves to Carreon and surrenders private registration information
Original Source: Ars Technica

Carreon now suing California State Attorney General Kamala Harris
Original Source: Ars Technica

Carreon also filed an injunction to stop the donation of money to the charities
Original Source: Ars Technica


ALA vs. Comic Con
Original Source: Robot 6

Penny Arcade partners with Cryptozoic for all-new comic series
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

Webcomic “Plum” picked up by Devil’s Due comics
Original Source: Graphic Policy


Rape vs. Murder (Video)
Original Source: Jimquisition via Escapist Magazine

Integrating social media and webcomics
Original Source: Mtv Geek


New Alternative to Captcha
Found via: Webcomic Tweets
Original Source: Are You Human

Comic Easel new version release
Original Source: Comic Easel
Additionally: Interview with Philip Hofer, aka Frumph, about Comic Easel on the Webcomic Beacon

The Tablet Market is changing
Original Source: Bloomberg
Additionally: The Beat on tablet size

Twitter threatening to crack down on developers
Original Source: GiGaOM


Science: it’s girl thing (Video) 
Original Source: Youtube
Additionally: Dr. Meghan Gray’s video is in response to this commercial produced by the European Commission

Censored internet sites may soon show sly Ray Bradbury tribute
Original Source: Blastr


Every day Bruce Banner (Video)
Original Source: Robot 6

The 8 Gamer alignments
Found via: Webcomic Tweets
Original Source: Blue Boxer Rebellion

Things that make us cry

DC promoting it’s “Makers”
Original Source: The Beat

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I noticed you mentioned Archive Binge, which I hadn’t heard of before. But it appears they haven’t updated their site since 2010. I contacted them and they aren’t adding comics anymore. They said it became too much work for them. I hope someone programs something like it in the future that’s more automated, or user-run. It seems like these sites where the owners do most of the work to add comics to their system aren’t very sustainable. Just The First Frame is like that too, like I think one person collects all the updates and crops them. I don’t know how long that’s site’s going to last either – I have a feeling it will burn out eventually. But I might be wrong.

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