Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for June 24, 2012

Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stevens (Goblins) join in on this week’s webcomic and comic news discussion! This last week’s comics news is brought to you by Jason Strawsburg, Eric Kimball, and Marie Tary! Tarol also calls out and confronts Thom on his opinions on Tarol pulling Goblins from the Top Webcomics List site.

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ReviewZ: The PHD Movie. Based on the Piled Higher & Deeper webcomic.
Review by Caitlin Hart

Top Stories

Funny Junk vs Oatmeal
Description: This one takes a bullet list to explain (please note: dates are estimates only):

  1. 2011, Inman of the oatmeal posts a page complaining that funnyjunk.com is stealing images from his site.
    Original Source: The Oatmeal
  2. In response Funny Junk admins send out a letter falsely claiming that Inman is trying to shut the site down and telling the users to spam his facebook page.
    Original Source: The Oatmeal
  3. After weathering the storm the outrage is turned back on Funny Junk when it becomes clear that Inman had no intention of pursuing legal action.  Funny Junk loses members because of the incident.
  4. June 2012 Charles Carreon, the new legal council for Funny Junk, sends a cease and desist letter to Inman demanding that he take down the post complaining about Funny Junk’s business practices and pay Funny Junk $20,000 for lost revenue.
  5. Inman posts Carreon’s letter online and says he is going to set up a charity drive on Indigogo for the American Cancer Foundation and World Wildlife Fund instead of paying.  At the end of the fund drive he will send a picture of the money raised to Funny Junk along with a drawing of Funny Junk’s mother molesting a bear.
    Original Source: The Oatmeal
  6. The internet explodes in rage at Funny Junk and it’s lawyer.
  7. Funny Junk admins immediately take down all contact their information and links from all their sites, delete/ban any poster that talks about the incident on Funnyjunk.com, and make no public statements anywhere of any kind about anything.  Carreon, on the other hand, does none of these things.
  8. After getting slammed by the rage of the net, Carreon vows he will find some way to take legal action against Inman according to Forbes magazine. He claims Inman is to blame for all the backlash.
    Original Source: Forbes
  9. On June 15 Carreon sues Iman, Indiegogo, the American Cancer Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and a currently unnamed individual, who harassed him on twitter, for charity fraud, Cybervandalism, and hacking.
    Original Source: Washington Post
  10. This needs to be repeated Carreon sued the American Cancer Foundation and the WWF because they might get some money from people on the internet that he does not like.  That is the only reason they are listed on this suit.
  11. Paradoxically, not torn to pieces by an angry mob, Carreon has stated he hopes this to be a landmark case in clearing up online fundraising and defamation. He also says this is not because he’ trying to punish Inman.
    Original Source: Ars Technica
  12. June 22nd The Electronic Frontier Foundation has stated that they are joining Inman in the fight against Carreon.
    “This lawsuit is a blatant attempt to abuse the legal process to punish a critic,” said EFF Intellectual Property Director Corynne McSherry.  “We’re very glad to help Mr. Inman fight back.”
    Original Source: The EFF
  13. At the time of this recording Inman charity drive has raised over $212,000 with over 14,000 backers

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