Looking for interested reviewers and tutorial seekers.

So, you may have heard that The Webcast Beacon Network (under Fesworks, LLC) had long ago bought the website WebcomicZ.

WebcomicZ is a webcomic list and resource site. Not quite in its prime any longer, but certainly still draws traffic. In short, there is an effort behind the scenes to bring it back (and it includes a spendy, re-coding of the entire website).

Since the beginning of The Webcomic Beacon Network, with The Webcomic Beacon, it has been a mission to bring knowledge and resources to creators. It’s been a labor of love, coupled with [undisclosed amount] of out of pocket funding by Fes. Today’s WCBN crew consists of 15 active members, working voluntarily.

As it stands, WebcomicZ stands to be a source of revenue through ads (because of the traffic). Ironically, the money earned so far on it will be used to recode the whole thing for better functionality, among other very good reasons. But the site still works fine as it is, and can serve creators just the same.

Bottom line is that we need content!

We are already making efforts to crossover content with The Webcomic Beacon Newscast, and possibly with other WCBN shows.

I can’t promise anything more than exposure at point. But I can promise that no one is making money off of anything right now; except for the future website programmer, as the current ad income is being saved for that (plus out of pocket).

As I said, it’s basically a labor of love right now. At this time, the best I can offer are image links paired with article written, and podcast ad spots on WCBN programming.

So, if you are still reading after all of that:

I am looking for comic reviewers.
Reviewers that hopefully match the spirit of The Webcast Beacon Network. I will be entertaining the possibility of print comic reviewers, digitally sold comics, and webcomics. The “spirit” is mainly honest reviews, not banking on sarcastic, hateful, nor demeaning reviews for the sake of “entertainment”. We don’t need reviews of well popular comics that don’t need more publicity. We want reviews of good comics you can recommend; reviews of bad comics we can learn something from; or so-so comics that have potential.

I am looking for tutorials.
Original tutorials are best, but there are also a lot of good tutorials already out there. A more challenging task would be to find and collect similar tutorials, so we can link them all together in one big resource (such as “how to draw women’s breast properly” or “advertising online” guides). Or if we can collect tutorials by other categories. I’m talking links and summaries; though we may seek permission to re-post tutorials in full.

I am looking for trust worthy people.
Some of what I may be needing in the the coming months, are self-motivated people. People capable of doing tasks on their own. I try very much to be hands-of with created content, after ground rules are set. While I still hold the title of Executive Producer/Director/Editor, I would rather not make more work for myself. For several programs and aspects of the WCBN and WebcomicZ, other people are producing the bulk content, in their own fashions. Everyone gets a title. I am trying to handle everything as professional as possible. This may be a labor of love (hopefully not forever), but this is not merely hobby.

There are a lot of ideas that can be put forth this venture. I am willing to hear all suggestions and criticism; for current or future aspects of The Webcast Beacon Network and WebcomicZ.

I would like to keep doing what I started in 2007. From only 3 people, to over 20 people working on a common mission, five years in the making. Would you like to be apart of it?

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I’d love to be a tutorial seeker! Here are some examples of my own tutorials: http://tousebothsyllables.deviantart.com/gallery/34576080 and I know of a lot of really good-quality tutorials by others to link to as well.

I would love to write reviews, too, and I could be honest and objective without being hateful. Unfortunately I don’t have a sample review ready right this minute but I could write one for you if you’d like!

For a small while, The Webcomic Beacon Newscast was doing “Deviant Art Tutorial Grabs”. There were more or less a random assortment of tutorials.

DA Tutorials are really not something we could ever re-post. The nature of the tutorials just would not work like that. But Yeah, putting together compilations (links and summaries), of like tutorials, would be a great step in the right direction.

It may be a bit challenging, and may work best by making several lists at once as you browse? Not sure, but if you want to give it a shot, I’d be more than happy to see what you can come up with!

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