Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for February 19th, 2012

Trying something new with the Newscast format! Starting with strict news reporting in one segment, then discussion in another section. Give a listen then give us some feedback!

Kelly Turnbull (Manly Guys Doing Manly Things) joins in on the discussion this week with Thom Revor, Alex Heberling, and News Researchers Eric Kimball and Jason Strawsburg bring you this week’s edition of The Webcomic Beacon Newscast! Read all the news of the past week below. Some news not discussed in part, or at all, on the show.

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Top Stories

Entertainment Software Rating Board launches PSA with Penny Arcade art.
Original Source: Times Union


Interview with Doug Tenapel and Ethan Nicolle
Original Source: Making Comics! (Part 1 | Part 2)

Jhonen Vazquez to make Digital comics for DC
Original Source: Comics Beat

Interview with Jeff Parks and Erika Moen
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: Comics Alliance

The Secret of a 24 hour comic (Boulet Darkness interview)
Original Source: Washington Post

Onizumi makes Female Superheroes as Vaginas (NSFW)
Original Source: Onezumi


Gary Friedrich case spurs debate about convention sketches
Original Source: Robot 6
Additional Commentary (Sean Gordon Murphy)

Marvel execs talk Ghost Rider lawsuit after fandom explodes.
Found via: Blastr

Neal Adams Addresses the Comic Book Industry about Gary Friedrich
Found via:  Steve Niles – Original Source: Bleeding Cool

There will never be another “Watchmen”
Original Source: The Escapist

How to Co-Create Comic Books
A look at the dynamics between a writer and artist for comics
Original Source: Parkerspace


Scholastic Webinar with comic greats
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: Go Raina!

How to write a Pitch
Original Source: Making Comics!

Commandments of Color Theory
Original Source: Graphics.com


Telecoms must give shareholder a vote on net neutrality
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: Business Week

Are Marvel bootlegs an inside job?
Found via: Bleeding Cool
Original Source: Robot 64th Letter

.HTAccess Tricks
Original Source: Designer Daily


John Allison has introduced a subscription model for Bad Machinëry
Not really.  It’s a donation module called a subscription model
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Scary Go Round

Webcomic artists uses version control software to produce automated “making of” videos of his workflow
Original Source: Boing Boing

Webcomic Marketing vs Salesmanship
Original Source: MTV Geek


What Webcartoonists Actually Do
Original Source: Imgur

Kevin Smith’s “Comic Book Men” a good argument against Comic Book Shops
Source: Comics Alliance – And the response (Comics Alliance)

Discard Pile

“When is it not pirating?” and/or “When is piracy understandable?”
Found via: Robot 6 – Original Source: 4th Letter

How Subjective is Ownership of an Idea?
Original Source: The Comic Age

Rich Stevens to break being vegetarian to eat a pound of bacon per a $666 pledge on his Kickstarter
Original Source: Fleen

Spike at Templar, Arizona releases first glimpse of the upcoming Smut Peddler collection
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Iron Spike

Betty Marries Veronica
Original Source: Comics Alliance

Taking the Stand, the People vs. George Lucas Documentary
Original Source: Film Ink

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