Webfiction World #12: Monsters!

SGL (Tales of the Big Bad Wolf) joins Greg X. Graves to talk to you about MONSTERS!

Tales of the Big Bad Wolf: Little Red Riding Hood: Chapter 15a by SGL, read by Fes Works


Music: Set Me Free (Uplift Remix) by Jackal Queenston (Conquer)
*320k, Bass-boosted MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Article on Chinese web-it writers that have been profitable for a while now.

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If Anna didn’t make it out of that subway car, we’ll have to scrape up what remains we can, and salvage enough DNA to be able to clone her. Then, we will also have to train the clone using interpolated brainwave patterns.
The clone should be almost, but not entirely, completely unlike the Anna Harte we all knew and loved.

Or we could just bring over another instance of her from an alternate universe, say, one where one random electron suddenly decided to collapse in on itself, and somehow implode outwards into an inverse positron. Or, maybe one that is a bit more divergent: one where three leaf clovers are considered lucky, or one where the three primary colors are perceived as vermilion, teal, and chartreuse.
That’d work too.

(By the way, it shouldn’t be possible to turn MCM into a zombie, given his current state. At least not from the Solanum virus, anyway. That’d just kill him. I guess you could turn him into a prinny though…)

As long as the clone of Anna has that accent of hers, I will be satisfied. This is the second time I think we have missed paths for a recording!

I’m rather amused by how MCM is more a character in his absence, rather than in his presence.

And in a random note, I suppose I should list some of the books that I casually threw in there that might be somewhat obscure.

“Mythology,” by Edith Hamilton.
“Grendel” by John Gardner.

Illustrated serial (first ten minutes), “Tokyo Demons” by Lianne Sentar, Illustrations by Rem (www dot tokyodemons dot com).

Other notes : (Police Procedural Fairy Tale Show = “Grimm” and “Fluffy Romantic Drama” Fairy Tale Show = “Once Upon a Time”)

And… I probably have more notes but will save them for a blog or something else later…

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