Webcomic Beacon Newscast: DJ Coffman joins us for Comic News & Discussion for January 8th, 2012

DJ Coffman (Hero by Night) joins us for a special interview and guest his week! Please join Thom Revor with Alex Heberling and News Researcher Eric Kimball. Below are the bits of news gathered over the past week, as are mostly covered and discussed on the show. Some in more depth than other and some missed.

Editorial: Eric has another special editorial “Jayne’s Guide to Webcomics”. This is a part 1 of 3.
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Apologies for the audio quality this week.

Top Stories

Return of Hero By Night
Exclusive Interview on the Newscast
DJ Coffman has taken back control of the comic rights to HERO BY NIGHT from Platinum Studios, and will be producing all-new issues in 2012. DJ has brought HERO BY NIGHT exclusively to Keenspot, removing it from its former home on Drunk Duck.
For more info, see DJ Coffman’s announcement and FAQ page.

Penny Arcade VS Ocean Marketing
Found via: Comics Alliance – Original Source: Penny Arcade
And the followup: The Escapist Magazine


Warren Ellis’ predictions of the future
Found via: Jason Strawsburg – Original Source: Warren Ellis

Spike and Marybeth make top 13 women in comics
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: Jazabel


Womanthology Kicking Kickstarter’s Butt
Original Source: Comic Alliance

Book Self Published by 14 year old girl beating established Marvel and DC
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: Comics Beat

DJ mentioned A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing:

Details on Marvels $5 Coupon
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Christmas Day Biggest Day for Digital Content Sales
Original Source: Comics Beat


Call to stop drawing impossible women
Found via: The Mary Sue (specific link unknown) – Original Source: justsayins 1, justsayins 2

Deviant Art Tutorials

Fantasy Map Tutorial – by justmango

Eye Tutorial – by chiyonemuri

Grayscale to Color – by strayedclimaca

Animation Mirroring – by inferno988

Layered Hair – by fiveonthe

Fire Text – by anuwolf


Review of the problems facing the digital comic market
Original Source: Comics Beat

DJ mentioned Pully App:

Axe Anarchy. Collaborative created comic
Found via: Robot 6 – Original Source: Social Times


Digital Comic are not a replacement for paper
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Huffington Post

Manga readers prefer print over digital
Original Source: Robot 6

Book Publishing is broken
Original Source: Digital Book World


A look at a top Romanian webcomic
Original Source: The Next Web

Is Diary of a Zombie Kid Trademark Infringement?
Original Source: Robot 6

Combining Puzzles and comics
Original Source: Sandra and Woo

Where the comic book industry stands on SOPA and PIPA
Original Source: Graphic Policy


Marvel Comics argues that Mutants aren’t human (for real)
Found via: Comix Talk – Original Source: io9

Scifi Brothel.
Original Source: The Mary Sue

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Wonderful podcast. Very informative.

Manga reader prefer physical book: Here’s my opinion on that… since manga readers lead the way in reading online long before any American mainstream ever consider digital distro, we have long experience with this format. Regardless of how great our monitors are, it’s awkward. It’s annoying, it’s irritating.

The lesser of two ‘evils’ is to shell out 10.00 for a 200pg book (really bad price) and read my favorite comic in hand.

Taking the ‘manga’ out of the equation, recent example. Just last night, I went to Google’s ebook to read Hero With a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell, it suck on a 13″ monitor! It’s awful! I own several copies over the years, I bought used copies to replace copies buried in storage. I’ll gladly pay 5.00 for another copy to avoid reading it on a 1/4 or 1/3 of a 13″ notebook screen.

Now… here’s what I believe is happening: Tablets…. people are able to use a vertical orientation of the tablet and can get that “full page” experience. We manga readers were reading unauthorized scanning for the past 20yrs. That’s almost a 20yr head start on reading “eComic”.

This is where I think the disconnect is in… those who have tablets today, growing up with tablet today, will not see any reason for physical copies (which will include those with tablets reading online manga). The rest of us will have to catch up by owning a tablet….even then, I still want to own the specific series I love….anything else, I’ll just read on a tablet.

Here’s a test…. the host with the 14yr son with the tablet who read all his comic. Have the son agree to this experiment. Have him agree…. have him ‘do everything’ on a laptop or desktop that he normally do on the tablet. Have him make note of how Easy or Frustrating it is. Report this result in a future cast.

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