The Tropecast #17: Medical Tropes!

It’s time for a look at medical tropes… or are they malpractice tropes? Here to help, are Adam Smithee, Michael Dellheim, and Alex Heberling with there typical bed-side manners!


Cover by: Carlo Jose San Juan, MD of Callous

Tropes: Televisually Transmitted Disease, Ripped From the Headlines, AB Negative, Personality Blood Types, Clean, Pretty, Reliable, Tap on the Head, Magical Defibrillator, Magic Plastic Surgery, Lethal Diagnosis, One of Our Own, Instant Sedation, I’m a Doctor, Not a Placeholder, Surgeons Can Do Autopsies if They Want, Open Heart Dentistry,


Additionally: Brentalfloss’ “What if Dr. Mario had lyrics?

Break Song: Dr. Doctor by Building Rome


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I can attest to vets having serious medical chops. As I live in near abject poverty with no health insurance I generally get non-emergency medical care from a veternerian, and buy my meds from an online pet med store as it’s usually cheaper for everything but generic antibiotics (which the vet can prescribe to be picked up at a regular pharmacy)

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