Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News and Discussions for December 11th, 2011

Deaths and drama fills the news from the last week. Please join Thom Revor with Alex Heberling and News Researcher Eric Kimball. Below are the bits of news gathered over the past week, as are mostly covered and discussed on the show. Some in more depth than other and some missed. Eric also has a special editorial on the paradigm shift of comic books in the digital age.


Top Stories

Ricky Garduno of Dumm Comics dies at 35
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Dumm Comics

Jerry Robinson creator of the Joker dies.
Source: Blastr

Gareb Shamus tries to fire “Gutters” artist over critical comic.
Found via: Rosscott email – Original Source: Bleeding Cool
… and then Shamus quits his job.
via Robot 6


Dave Willis of Shortpacked on False Equivalence
Found via: The Mary Sue – Original Source: Shortpacked

Somewhat related to the Gorilla formula of comics. (Wikipedia)

Cyanide and Happiness creator to work on a comedy central show
Found via: Fleen
Original Source: Comedy Central

Webcomics: What’s Cooking book
(Inadvertent Advertisement)

Spinnerette Independent Movie Pitch
Found via Spinnerette – On YouTube


Retailers boycot Darkhorse over Digital initiative
Original Source: Bleeding Cool
Darkhorse’s response. – Bleeding Cool
Brian Wood’s take on the problem (Tumblr).
And then Comixology’s response. – Comics Beat
And now Marvel is offer $5 print credits for buying digital goods. – NEWSarama

Only true Non-profits may use the Paypal Donate Button
Found via: Randy Milhouland – Original Source: The Consumerist

Being a Sociopath helps you in the startup world
Original Source: GiGaOM


Extra Credits’ guide to technobable
Source: Extra Credits

Deviant Art Tutorials

Painting in Photoshop – by DragonOlong

Realistic Painted Eyes – by AngelGlows

Skin Shading – by Rin-Shiba
Skin Shading – by AcidLullaby

Hands – by AlexDS1

Bird Wings – by TheAntimonyElement


Is HoboLobo.net Infinite canvas?
So here is a question. Is something like this fun or annoying? Does the parallax add to the story or just prove a distraction. Is this a valid excuse for side scrolling or shoud the maker be thrown into the pit ontop of the broken body of other side scroller web designer?
Found via: Fleen –  Original Source: Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

When is time to redesign your site
Original Source: Smashing Magazine


Mike Costa talks about writing non-human character
(and looses his job in the process)
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: Moonbase 2


Interesting image of female heroes of pearl harbor
Original Source: The Mary Sue

Wally Woods 22 panels that always work live action
Found via: Kleefeld on Comics – Original Source: YouTube – Original scan

Eye-movements when reading comics
Found via: Kleefeld on Comics – Original Source: Emaki Productions


More Archie Comics insanity
Not webcomic related but just really funny in a sad I weep for humanity kind of way.
Original Source: Comics Beat

Eric’s Rant

Buggy Whips and Carriage Wheels will carry the comic book industry to webcomics. Part 1.

Let’s consider for a moment buggy whip and carriage wheel manufacturers.  These are the two poster industries for what happens when there is a revolution brought on by technology. Buggy whips and carriage wheels were big business until the invention of this thing call the “Motorwagen” (or the “automobile”). All of a sudden buggy whips and carriage wheels were useless and the company that made them had a problem….

Read the entire editorial at WebcomicZ >

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Jhonen vasquez did Invader Zim (which has a very popular cult following)! His comic JTHM was what got him picked up for an animated show, which is weird b/c it is not a kids comic. But im very curious to see this Cyanide comic come to life ^__^

Anyways, thanks for post the non-equivilance comic. This was a real problem we were having at the game studio i work at (designing male characters for a ladies game) and i think women have to struggle to make guys understand that we dont all like the mega buff guys. Anyways, my art director got a kick out of it.
Good show guys!

I, for one, actually really hate the overly buff males in games. It’s freaky and gross to me. I tend to play as female characters in most games (partly for that reason). Unless a game has a really robust character customization mechanic. Then I’ll spend more time trying to replicate all of my webcomic characters with it 😛

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