Webcomic Beacon Newscast: Comic News & Discussion for December 4th, 2011

Sean Kleefeld (Kleefeld on Comics and MTV Geek) joins us as this week’s special guest! Please also welcome our new Show Director and Host Thom Revor is also joined by Co-Host Alex Heberling and Co-Host and News Researcher Eric Kimball. Apologies for the audio quality on this episode. We are working to solve the issue.


Top Stories

Cowboy and Aliens and Lawsuits
Original Source: Deadline | Hollywood

Ormes Society
Original Source: KTBS


Jeff Jacques talks about his creative process and butts

“I am generally happy with my work, but I’m also my own worst critic (and I have some pretty mean critics). And I do have depression and anxiety problems, so there’s that. But I do like my comic, I wouldn’t be able to do it if I didn’t like it…

Found via: ComixTalk
Original Source: Reddit

Paul Gadzikowski Tweets heart attack
Original Source: Fleen


Kate Beaton is a girl that makes webcomics!
Yes, we all love Kate Beaton. How many 15 minutes of fame has she amassed now? (-Fes)
Original Source: Uptown

Octopus Pie Exists!
Original Source: Comics Alliance


Shopify goes down on Cyber Monday
Shopify the eCommerce platform used by some of the the top tier webcomics crashed Monday November 28th due to a Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attack
Original Source: Shopify – Additional Source on Facebook

In the forms CEO of Shopify talks about the difficulty of creating 100% uptime.
Original Source: Shopify

Shopify user Christina cited an article talking about how it is more cost effective to shoot for a 98% up time is more cost effective in the long run.
Source: Signal vs Noise

Are Publishers hurting themselves with E-book DRM?
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: Charlie’s Diary


Warning for Webcomics — keep your software updated
Webcomics nation comic “Freak U” inundated with spam in comments section
Found via: Webcomics Nation

What’s the point of a ™ symbol?
Found via: Alltop – Original Source: Logo Design Love

Saint’s Row – By offending everyone it’s politically correct.
Not really a webcomic related thing but the concept of being universally insulting could apply to comics like Oglaf and Cyanide and Happiness
Original Source: IGN


Wacom Webanars
Original Source: Wacom

Deviant Art Tutorials

Fairy Tree – by Nathie

SAI Watercolor Effect – by Checkered-Sins

Cell Shading – by MyApple

Heads Angles – by juusan13


Photoshop can now unblur images
Original Source: PetaPixel

Peer to Peer open source search
Found via: Slashdot – Original Source: Network World


Buzz boy becomes webcomic
Original Source: ComixTalk

Wizard world Digital retrospects
Original Source: Bleeding Cool

Decline of India’s comic book industry
Same reason for the American decline
Original Source: BBC

Penny Arcade Games
Original Source: MTV Geek

Webcomic Rampage
Original Source: Dragon’s Layer


Call of Cthulhu (as though by Dr. Seuss )
Found via: Hal Hefner and io9 – Original Source: DrFaustusauAU

Webcomic Milestones

Webcomic Milestones would go here. Anniversaries: 1, 5, 10, 15, etc. Update count: 100, 500, 1000, 2000, etc. (More info)

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Do not be confused! We love Kate Beaton! It’s just a running gag of how many times she’s getting “discovered”, with articles that… pretty much say the same thing. We are moreso ribbing the articles themselves, not Kate.

It’s great publicity for her, no doubt! But it would be nice to see some actually new content. Then again, these articles are not for us, really. For fellow webcartoonists, its kinda like “grass is green, sky is blue”.

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