Webcomic Beacon Newscast #42: Comic News & Discussion for November 13th, 2011

Dante (Surviving the World) joins Rosscott and Alex Heberling for this edition of The Newscast. Thanks to Eric Kimball for gathering our news links.

Even TGT Media mentions the giveaway!


Top Stories

Making Piracy easier as a marketing strategy
Jim Zubkavich is going out of his way to get people to pirate his work providing PDF and torrent files.  All under the theory that the more people who read the comic the better.
Original Sources: Robot 6 and Graphic Policy


Interview with Howard Taylor (Schlock Mercenary)
Found via: The Daily Cartoonist – Original Source: NEWSarama

Axe Cop Playing card game
Found via: The Daily Cartoonist – Original Source: Wired
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Something bad happened to Dinosaur comics books
Original Source: Fleen

Crowdfunding bill increased what can be invested
Original Source: All Things D


Comixology ships on the Kindle Fire
Original Source: Comics Beat

How Social Bots break Facebook (skipped?)
Original Source: All Things D

Facebook Kills off RSS support
Original Source: ZDnet


On writing webcomics without an end in mind
Found via: Comics Reporter – Original Source: Rina Poccolo

Why we get the future wrong (skipped?)
Long lecture on the flaws of predicting technological trends focused on Music Encyclopedia and Newspaper industries and how they missed the trends that were going to change their bussiness.
Original Source: Boing Boing


Occupy Oakland Cartoon Journalism
Found via: The Mary Sue – Original Source: This is What Concerns Me

Marvel’s digital strategy.
Original Source: Comics Beat


The Amazing new “E Mail” social networking app
Original Source: All Things D

Jelly bean music video (skipped?)
Original Source: GEEK Mom

An amusing look at Bell Lab Advertizing
Found via: Kleefled on Comics – Original Source: The Belated Nerd

Duck does not like to be touched
Original Source: BoingBoing

Webcomic Notices

Milestones mentioned on the show:
Vox in a Box (1 yr), Dressed for Success (100), and Blue Yonder (1 yr)

Shadowbinders vol. 1Shadowbinders (home)

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