Webcomic Beacon Newscast #41: Comic News & Discussion for November 6th, 2011

Fes Works joins Alex Heberling for this late edition of The Newscast. Thanks to Eric Kimball for gathering our news links.


Top Stories

Problems at the London MCM Expo
Found via: Ian Sharman’s Twitter – Original Sources: Mombsite and Ian Sharman


An Evening with Waren Elis
Part 5 is the webcomic related one:

On Burst Culture: “You can read Freakangels on pretty much anything that can get to the web. And for me that trumps apps and specialized readers … and the rest of it.”
Another quote on Burst Culture, “I think people come to the Internet for short bursts of things.”

Found via: Comics Reporter – Original Source: Moment of Ellis

Ryan Sohmers create a children’s book
Man most famous for Least I Could Do the webcomic that raises misogyny to a high art form  is writing a children’s picture book.  The book unconnected to his comic out-site of resources from LICD were used in its production.  Interesting concept particularly how it addresses typecasting in the online communities.
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Least I Could Do


Comixology CEO talks pricing of digital comics
Found via: Bleeding cool – Original Source: Screen Rant

Analysis of newspapers’ pay wall strategy
Works in the short term up undermines long term growth.
Original Sources: GiGaOMNieman Lab

Cut the Birds #2 App
Mashups can be very popular, if a bit slightly immoral.
Original Source: GiGaOM


Rage Comics
El Santo over at the Webcomic Overlook is doing a survey on Rage comics.  Which let me to say “What the fuck are Rage Comics”  on quick Internet search yielded the result.
Source: Webcomic Overlook – Reference: Know Your Meme

Why we like to be scared in webcomic form (2 pages)
Found via: io9 – Original Source: Lucy Knisley

Deviant Art Tutorials

Step by step Mecha – Dasadam

Nose Tutorial – Nimportant

Horse Tails – imi-10

Horse Mane – Prints of Hooves

Grass – Jerry8448

Perspective – Shattered Earth

Very Detailed Digital Painting Tutorials – Tincek-Marincek

Hair Styles – e-Nat

Deviant Art Tools

Mythic Brush Set – Rach Resources

Watercolor Textures – Meisan

Deviant Art Photo Ref

Woman on a wall with long dress Photo Ref – Liam Stock

Leaping Boy/satyr Photo Ref – Stock by Casey

Flying Witch Photo Ref – SBG Crewstock

Elf Photo Ref – Lena Lara


Curvy webcomic to support Planned Parenthood
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Sylvan Migdal

It’s 30 characters challenge time again
Original Source: 30 Characters

Child’s Play charity is now: 8 years old, A year round charity, has a dedicated staff.
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Child’s Play


Goldmine Tales
A slightly fictionalized telling of the going on behind Platinum Studios (allegedly).
Found via: Digital Webbing – Original Source: Trans Mediations

Infinite Canvas Halloween Comic
Uses non-linear story telling and click-able parts image to present multiple scary vignettes
Found via: Comics Beat – Original Source: Margot

Another Article on the Death of Publishers.
Original Source: GiGaOM

Head of Universal says Cowboys and Aliens was a bad movie
Original Source: Comics Beat


Comic Conventions are a good place for women to pick up men
Less intuitive is that Asian Men are the most popular among comic con going women.
Found via: Comics Beat – Original Source: Slate

Email Alias system
It creates a temporary forward for signing up for sites that require an email address.  The forward expires preventing spam from reaching you.
Found via: Agent X twitter – Original Source: Tempalias

Look a How Venture Capital Pitches Work.
Original Source: GiGaOM

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Oh man guys, asking if Warren Ellis has done print stuff is such a faux pas 😛 Transmetropolitan, Hellblazer, The Authority, Red ( as in Red that the Bruce Willis movie from last year was based on), and Nextwave, just to name a few.

That’s my bad, sorry. The only comics I read before webcomics were newspaper strips, so I’m veeeeeery out of the loop on the print comics industry and who’s who sometimes.

Apple made a decision to not check anything for copyright infringement because once they take on that burden they can be held liable for not performing their duties anytime infringing content goes through. From a legal standpoint it’s much safer to not screen app submissions for infringement and just let the infringed parties file a C&D once it goes live.

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