Webcast Beacon Newscast #38: Comic News & Discussion for October 16th, 2011

Natalie joins as this week’s guest host, with just Fes Works. Thanks to Eric Kimball for gathering our news links. Also, The Tropecast has returned with two new episode, plus a new Webcast Beacon Network video series called First Issue!


Top Stories

Lateness has a negate effect on the people you work with
Studies are showing that when you show up late without notifying people it can cause a negative morale.
Original Source: eHow

Warren Ellis: Why people like webcomics
Found via: Fleen – Original Source: Warren Ellis

Woman Studies

Drawing of women in appropriate attire
Found via: Una The Blade – Original Source: Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor

Advice on how to write women
Original Source: Comic Alliance

The Strong Female Characters Joke continues
Arron Diaz posted a fake response from DC to his reboot of the DC character pretending to be a editor at DC working on rebooting his own characters.
Original Source: Aaron Diaz


The Kate Beaton Media Feeding Frenzy
People love Kate Beaton. No real story here. We already knew she was awesome.
Found via: Fleen- Original Sources: A.V. Club and The Paris Review

Jennie Breeden announces her engagement in comic
Found via: Multiple places
Original Source: The Devil’s Panties


Quick bit on how people read webcomics
Original Source: ComixTalk

Comic Reading Habits of Fleen readers
Original Source: Fleen

Making Webcomics Work
Colleen is a brilliant (if not shameless) self promoter.  This article is really a bit of self promotion for her comic but it still has some interesting information.
Found via: Bleeding Cool – Original Source: A Distant Soil

Archie Comic Returns to Superheroes
My question is will they have Penis-man with his hurting balls of justice? (Drink if you get the reference.)
Found via: Jason Strawsburg – Original Source: New York Times


Apple’s iCloud does not allow PDFs
Original Source: Slashdot

HTML 5 Better than Apps?
Original Source: Editor and Publisher

Analysis of the new Newstand app
Original Source: Graphic Policy


Trees – by GriffSnuff

Coloring Using Layers Part 1 and Part 2 – by SilverFox-5213

Background Glow – Ebruliiart

Fractal Effect – PSDbox.com


MTV releases the Liquid TV archives to the web
Found via: ComixTalk – Original Source: io9

3D printer for 10 year olds
How come 10 year olds get one before I do
Found via: Slash dot – Original Source: Singularity Hub

If people had sex like…
Found via: The Mary Sue – Original Source: Roxy Drew

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