The Tropecast #13: An Introduction to Memes

This month its an introduction to memes! Adam Smithee is here with Liz Staley and Michael Dellhiem are also here and are officially inducted as Tropecast co-hosts.


Links: Planking, Owling, Batmanning, Horsemanning, Caturday (general), Happy Cat, Long Cat, Ceiling Cat, Monorail Cat, Invisible X, Rage Comics. The “Cheezeburger Network” – this link contains all the links to the individual blogs we talked about, so it should be sufficient. YTMND, …and finally,

Producer’s Note: Long Cat, and many other memes actually originated, or became more widely known, via 4chan. The Cheezeburger Network doesn’t really “make” memes, they basically collect and monetize off of memes. It’s actually been said that The Cheezeburger Network is where memes go to die.

Break Song: Cat Macros by Tom Smith
*320k MP3 available for purchase.


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