Webcomic Beacon’s 200th Episode!

Kurt Sasso (TGT Webcomics) joins us to celebrate our 200th episode! Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, and Mark Savary are all here, telling tales of how we started reading webcomics, creating our own, and listing a few of our favorites.


Music: Don’t Go Drinking With Hobbits by Marc Gunn. *320k MP3 available for purchase.

Notes: Penny Arcade, PVP, Mega Tokyo, Dominic Deegan, Dominic Durgan, Something Positive, CAD, Questionable Content, The Devil’s Panties, Geek Tragedy, VG Cats, Medium Large, Badly Drawn Kitties, Dan and Mab’s Furry Adventures, Girly, Comic Genesis, Hyatt Art Forums, The Webcomic List Forums, The Duck Webcomics (formerly Drunk Duck), Dragoneer Forums, Rival Angels, Misfile, Spinnerette, Shadow Girls, A Girl and Her Fed, Galaxion, Intrepid Girlbot, Bug, Akimbo Comics, Scenes from a Multiverse, Ape, Not Monkey, Tree Lobsters, Oglaf, El Goonish Shive, Nerf Now!!, Dr. McNinja, Dead Winter, Zebra Girl,


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Spinnerette updates once a week… or at least it was.

But yes, I’ve been meaning to ask him for over a year, but with many show ideas, things get delayed and forgotten.

Hello, this was my first listen on this site. Very interesting show, I cant wait to go thru the archives.
You asked what our top 5 favs are (i hope i posted this in the right spot):
Gunnerkrig Court
The Abominable Charles Christoper
The Meek

Thanks again =)

I hope you stick around and try our other programming!

There are a wide variety of shows to listen to in The Webcomic Beacon’s line-up, with a variety of guests and feels. Even the “dark times” when things get very drama-y… but hopefully still entertaining 😉

For the longest time I’ve had to work every Sunday, so I had to catch the shows when they were posted on the website. I have the chance to have off on Sundays now so I hope to be able to catch the live shows sometimes!

My top five would be:
Winters in Lavelle
The Meek

Gratz on 200 shows. Although I haven’t listened to one show yet, been meaning to. Though I think I listened to one where you had Yamino on. Don’t remember

Suffice to say I’ll listen in on this one… or catch it when it’s posted online.

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