The Tropecast #11: The My Little Pony Episode

MY LITTLE PONIES! The long-awaited (not really) My Little Pony Tropecast promised. Joining us especially for this episode is Yamino (Sister Claire); along with Adam Smithee, Alex Heberling (who also did the cover art), and Fes Works. What do we talk about? Several aspects of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. A continuation of the Guilty Pleasures episode, but with loads more discussion, information, and analysis.

WATCH My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic all on YouTube: Watch here, or watch here (playlists).

TV Tropes Links: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic main page, MLP:FiM Character Page, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, The Cuckoo Lander Was Right, Periphery Demographic, Breaking the 4th Wall, Power of Friendship, Genki Girl, Ensemble Darkhorse, The Wesley, Absentee Actor, to name but a few (sorry, lost some notes)

Additionally: Cupcakes (the Pinkie Pie fanfic), Cupcakes: The Movie (fan trailer made from show footage), The Ballad of Mecha Pinkie Pie, MLP: The Fiends from Dream Valley (Fan game in progress)

Break Song: You’re So PonyBeth Thornley

Thanks to Equestria Daily for linking our Guily Pleasure episode. I hope they, and readers from there, will enjoy this episode as well! We also promise to get back to our usual programming after these last couple excuses to talk about ponies.

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Truth be known, I am actually a wall-flower in public/gathering situations… even if I know the people there. If I was to sing the intro publicly, I could probably do it because its a performance, but I’d likely be very embarrassed afterwards. I thought I could sing… at least a little bit. Credit to Alex for singing the better portion of the intro and finding the music.

I’ve been waiting to hear this and you guys might already known this but this Tropecast has its link posted in Equestriadaily..again! You guys are doing good with this and my favorite pony is Cheerilee

You do realise that Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom are seen together in episode 1, right?

They’re hiding together under a table, foreshadowing much?

I have not been infected by he pony virus but seeing the impact it has had on my favorite podcasts (the tropecast and Anime World Order) I might as well be a pony convert soon. After listening to what can only be described as the Ballad of Pinky Pie, something came into my mind. I have noticed that often when a character is shown to have some sort of mental imbalance, it often grants the character the ability to break the established laws of reality for any given world that he or she inhabits, in a sort of “insanity makes you God” or “Omnipotent nutjob” sort of thing. Is there a trope for that? And how about a show on crazy tropes?
PS: You totally have to post the lyrics to the intro song.

I listened to the podcast, and with the mention of Derpy, I have to say, that I never considered Derpy to have Down Syndrome. The reason that the character is nicknamed Derpy was because when you see her for the first time in the first episode, there was an animation error that made her eyes all weird. And the thing with Derpy, she’s actually a well loved character in the community, and that most of the fanfic/art/ect, have shown her as an interesting character, that wasn’t just for laughs, in fact I’ve seen fan fiction and art that was just sweet and some even bordered on tearjerker territory (especially “Bubbles.”) And the episode with the buffalo wasn’t my most fave, and was a bit awkward, but the song that’s in it (You gotta share, you gotta care) is just such a awesome song and the only thing I liked about the episode.

In response to the “Derpy” situation, if you really honestly look at characters like how Derpy is portrayed in a LOT of fan fiction… or maybe I should say in alot of depictions in FANART, they are certainly playing at that she indeed has a mental disability.

Yes, people may love characters that are stupid or dumb, but many times its because the character is mentally retarded in some way. We are bringing up an awareness for this, because some people go too far without realizing that they are indeed making fun of people with disabilities.

However, I will say that is of course not always the case. And a character with downs or another mental disability can certainly be used well. It’s a touchy subject, especially for those with family/friends with such disabilities, or even for people that work in services for people like that.

It’s also possible to do a character like Derpy as a “absent-minded” or “ditzy” character, or just “in their own little world”… to a limited extent the “dumb jock” as well.

There ARE lines, however. There’s a difference between mental retardation, a lack of focus, and being ignorant.

I’m not trying to water down anyone’s fun. I’m not saying people do something, I’m just saying that people need to be mindful…. or that they should be.

However, I’d like to smack people that would make her go “durrrr” or “duuuuuuh”, etc.

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