Webcomic Beacon Newscast #27: Comic News & Discussion for July 3rd, 2011

Lots of news and more tutorials this week! Adam Smithee, Rosscott and Alex Heberling are here for this episode of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast. Thanks to Eric Kimball, our newshound for collecting articles. Not all articles may have been gone over in detail, but they are all listed for you.



“Strong Female Characters” starring Georgia O’Queefe, Susan B. Assthony, and Queen Elizatits
Original Source: Hark! a Vagrant. Kate Beaton, Meredith Gran, and Carly Monardo
Additionally: Jeph Jacques’ Tumblr, Carly Monardo’s Tumblr, Comics Alliance


Newsarama Interview with Phil Folgio (In Brief)

“How do you keep up with new venues of distribution, and what do you feel is the biggest mistake most creators — and larger companies — make when dealing with electronic distribution?

“Foglio: Actually, I really think we’re dropping the ball on this. We already should have iPad aps, but we’re too damn busy to do all the work that’s required on our end. I guess if I have an opinion about it, I’d say don’t get too cranked about the money part of it. The thing you want is people reading your work, and as a webcomic, you’re already giving it away for nothing. Don’t let people rip you off, but don’t ask for the moon.”

Original Source: Newsarama

Robert Khoo Talks About the Penny Arcade Business Model (In Brief)
Original Source: GeekWire 1, GeekWire 2


DC Windows Phone App (In Brief)
DC is making it’s own app now for Windows marketplace.  Is this a break with comixology?
Original Source: WPCentral – via Bleeding Cool


You Are a Brand Now (In Brief)
Original Source: GiGaOM

Zach Weiner’s SMBC Kickstarter (Already a Success)
Original Source: Kickstarter

Publishers Turn to Kickstarter for Advertising and Advances to Authors
Original Source: Publishers Weekly

Wimpy Kid model for Digital Comics
Original Source: Robot 6

Preliminary Results on What People Look for in Digital Comics (In Brief)
Original Source: Fleen


Net Netrality Codes to Become Law
Original Source: GiGaOM


Character Design Tutorial from Lackadaisy Cats
Original Source: Lackadaisy – via Comix Talk

Deviant Art Tutorials of the Week

Flash Animation Fade Effect and Navigation
Source: yuumei

Lighting: Female Body, Face, More Face
Source: moni168

Source: RomanticFae

How to Draw Men
Source: Krad-Eelav

Upper Body, Female Torso
Source: Legendra

My Little Pony
Source: Ellis1342

People Kissing
Source: Mark Crilley

Shiny Hair
Source: Mizury

Folds and Wrinkels
Source: Shattered-Earth


Are Webcomics Not Interested in Pay Content or is Pay Content Not Interested in Webcomics?
The other question is why doesn’t Zubkavich listen to the Webcast Beacon because if he did he would know that we talk about Comixology all the freaking time.

@Comics212: It’s kind of amazing how little interaction the webcomics half of my twitter feed has with the “mainstream comics” half, and vice versa.

@Zubkavich: @Comics212 Webcomic folk aren’t even curious about the strange comiXology troops scouting the blasted barren lands of Pay-For-Contentia. 🙂

Found via Fleen

However, in all fairness, after tweeting with him, Zubkavich had followed up with:
@WebcomicBeacon If I gave the impression that I spoke for webcartoonists, I apologize. I want to see all comics succeed in this market. and
@WebcomicBeacon I did a webcomic from 2001-2003 and have plans for possible future webcomics. I have nothing against the community at all.

So, jumping to conclusions and apologies all around.

What is Fair Use?
A Kind of Bloop cover got sued and settled with the original photographer, but don’t think they’re in the wrong. Someone graffiti’d the new cover over the original photographer’s building.
Original Source: Waxy – via Fleen – Additionally: GiGaOM

Denver Post Cuts 13 Comics and No One Cares.
According to Westword , the Post has just made such head-turning cuts as “Doonesbury” and demoted “Peanuts” to Sunday-only status. The other axed strips reportedly are: “Bizarro,” “Brevity,” “Dustin,” “F-Minus,” “Frazz,” “Heart of the City,” “The Knight Life,” “Non Sequitur,” “Overboard,” “Rhymes with Orange” and “Scary Gary.”

What naturally gives rise to the question: What the heck survived? The strips that live on to hang on another day reportedly include: “Beetle Bailey,” Blondie,” “Dennis the Menace,” “The Family Circus,” “Garfield” and “Marmaduke.” It’s worth noting: Except for “Garfield,” all those strips are at least a half-century old.

After all these were cut, NOBODY NOTICED OR CARED

Original Source: The Daily Cartoonist and The Washington Post


Last Note from Gene Colan
Original Source: The Clifford Method – via ComicBookSchool Twitter

Tips for Working More Efficiently
Original Source: GiGaOM

Gygax Memorial
Original Source: Wired


Rob Leified is SO Dedicated to Comics, He’s Willing Kill for Them!
… by operating a camera, while inking a comic and driving.  Say what you want about his skill as an artist he definitely is not a good driver.
Original Source: YouTube

Angry Birds Movie?
Original Source: All Things D

DC Hipster Reboot
Some very awesome drawings of DC character as 20 something Coffee shop hipsters.  This is a reboot I would actually read.
Original Source: CallMePo – via Bleeding Cool

Top 5 Reasons Why it’s F***ing Awsome to be a Writer Now.
Original Source: Collective Inkwell

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