Webcomic Beacon Newscast #24: Comic News & Discussion for June 12th, 2011

Dern (Hello with Cheese) rejoins Rosscott and Alex Heberling for this episode of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast. This also marks the first episode of The Webcomic Beacon Newscast as it’s own podcast, separate from The Webcomic Beacon podcast. Let’s face it: it IS a separate show. This is in celebration of The Webcast Beacon Network launched.

Not all articles may have been gone over in detail, but they are all listed for you.



(SKIPPED) Conduit Buys Wibiya
The makers of the flash social networking toolbar, Wibiya, adopted by many webcomics, has been bought by Conduit the maker of browser toolbars that are often bundled with software.
Original Source: All Things D 1, All Things D 2


IN BRIEF: Apple Backs Down On Preventing Outside Outside iTunes Media Purchases
Original Source: All Things

IN BRIEF: YouTube Adopts the Creative Commons License
Original Source: GiGOM


IN BRIEF: New York Times Paywall Working… Sort Of
Original Source: Business Insider – via: The Daily Cartoonist

DISCUSSION: Kickstarter Is The 3 Largest Indie Comic Publisher
Original Source: Publisher’s Weekly – via: Bleeding Cool

IN BRIEF: Breakdown of Comic Book Fans on Facebook
Original Source: Graphic Policy

Online Advertising Set to Jump By 20% This Year
Original Source: GiGaOM

DISCUSSION: Dern and O Get Comic on Wizards of the Coast
“Ultimately, we decided on a mixed approach. Our current plan is to start things off Mondays and Wednesdays with a new series from Aaron Williams (“Epic Campain”). On Fridays, we’re adding to this series by running cartoons from a variety of artists in a variety of styles.”

Dern and O from Commissioned Comic and Hello with Cheese are doing a comic for Wizards of the Coast on DnD. More webcomics on the way.
Original Source: Wizards of the Coast 1, Wizards of the Coast 2

Cafe Press IPO
Original Source: All Things D


The Importance of Silhouettes
Original Sources: Sherm Cohen and Drip! – via Dan Shive

The Importance of Confidence When Selling You Work
Original Source: John Allison – ComixTalk

Classic Figure Drawing Book Reprinted
Classic figure drawing book coveted by Disney animators, Figure Drawing For All It’s Worth, finally back in print, on Amazon.
Original Source: Boing Boing
Amazon.com: Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth


Scott McCloud Talks About Economies of Scale in Digital Comic
Original Source: Scott McCloud – additionally: Robot 6

Superheroines Wearing Pants Is Not Feminism
Original Source: comicbookGRRRL – Bleeding Cool

Princesses Don’t Wear Pants
Original Source: Mitch Makes Comics – via Bleeding Cool


NPR is Stealing Our Stories
Source: NPR – via: The Daily Cartoonist

IN BRIEF: The Steampunk Bible
Original Source: Bleeding Cool


Foreskin Man Sued by Anti Defamation League
Original Source: Anti-Defamation League – via: Robot 6

Hitler Argues Against the DC Reboot
Original Source: Graphic Policy

Peanuts Art + Twitter Posts = Webcomics Fun
Original Source: Comics Alliance

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I think that self-confidence is key in any endeavor. If you exhibit self-confidence when meeting someone, you will be taken more seriously regardless of your work.

Newscast #32, 08/08/11
Peanuts Pushes into the Digital Landscape
How much more exposure does Peanuts really need? But the more important aspect pertains to continuing a comic after the artist has died.
This was in an article that included the following: “Charles Schulz, of Peanuts fame, requested that his strip not be continued by another cartoonist after his death. He also rejected the idea of hiring an inker or letterer, comparing it to a golfer hiring a man to make his putts. Schulz’s family has honored his wishes and refused numerous proposals by syndicators to continue Peanuts with a new author.”
I believe that sums it up. If the family approves it, go ahead. If not, just forget it and find a idea. If it’s good, you can garner all of the fame and fortune of Charles Shulz and not cash in on someone else’s hard work and effort.

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