Webcomic Beacon #193: Newscast #23: Comic News & Discussion for June 5th, 2011

T Campbell rejoins Eric Kimball and Alex Heberling for this episode of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast. We may not have been able to go over all articles in depth, but everything is linked to for your own convenience.



Project Wonderful Adds Achievements
Original Source: Blogic Wonderful – via: ComixTalk

Penny Arcade Optioned for Movie (Sorta)
Original Source: Hollywood Reporter – via: The Daily Cartoonist


Twitter and Photobucket Merge
Original Source: GiGaOM

Companies Focusing on Gamification Growing Rapidly.
Original Source: GiGaOM 1, GiGaOM 2


Published Author Walks Away from Publisher to go Independent
Original Source: Collective Ink Well

Deviant Art Posting Can Lead to Mainstream Success
Original Source: USA Today – via Bleeding Cool

The Value of Platinum Studios Drops Despite Positive News
Original Source: Hot Stocked – via Bleeding Cool

Facebook Stores Good for Digital Impulse Buys
Original Source: GiGaOM

Non-Superhero Comicbooks Increase in Sales
Original Source: ICv2 – via Comics Beat


Mark Waid on Comics
“The audience doesn’t know what it wants. If it knew what it wanted, it wouldn’t be an audience. It just knows that it wants to be entertained somehow, and that’s a perfectly reasonable expectation. I wish we were better at it. The 50,000 hardcore fans of periodical print comics that we have left, the ones we haven’t and can’t drive away, seem to indicate with their buying patterns that they’re interested only in nostalgia, which is terrifying. And I understand why publishers cater to that; they’re kinda forced to, given that the print distribution system is targeted SOLELY TO THOSE 50,000.” – Mark Waid

Original Source: Sotocolor Graphics, Inc – via Robot 6

DC Will Release It’s Digital Comics on the Same Day as Print
Original Source: DC Comics – via ComixTalk

DC Promises Price Parity on Digital and Print
Original Source: The Comics Beat

Darkhorse to Offer Free Digital Comic Through Comic Book Stores
Original Source: Comic Book Resources

The Funny Junk vs Oatmeal Battle
Original Source: Ars Technica


Why Copyright is Bad for Culture
Original Source: The Guardian – via: ComixTalk

Stories About Copyright Now Added to the Webcomic Beacon Drinking Game

Hack Your Business is the Advice to Large Media Companies
Original Source: Anil Dash – via: GiGaOM


Super Putin
Original Source: io9

Chinese Prisoners Forced to Play World of Warcraft in Virtual Sweatshops
Original Source: Comics Beat

An Amphibious Ice-Cream Truck
Original Source: MTV Geek

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