Webcomic Beacon #192: Newscast #23: Comic News & Discussion for May 29th, 2011

The Webcomic Beacon Newscast is taken over by Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, and Mark Savary. The regular crew, ALL of the regular Newscast crew was not available.



Howard Taylor Hits 4000 Consecutive Strips
(Original Source: Schlock Mercenary – via: Fleen)
Additionally: Other long Running webcomics on TV Tropes

PC Weenies Going on Indefinite Hiatus After 13 Years
(Original Source: PC Weenies – via: Robot 6)

iTunes Store Lets You Search for Comics
(Original Source: ICv2 – via: Robot 6)

Least I Could Do Kickstarter to Make An Animated Pilot Episode
(Original Source Collection: Fleen and tweeting – via ComixTalkThe Kickstarter)


Law and Order Shows Appreciation for Webcomic
(via: Comics Alliance)

Cryptozoic to Bring the World of Warcraft & Starcraft Mangas to the Digital Realm
(Original Source: BlizzPlanet – via: Robot 6)

“Differently Abled Webcomics”
(via: MTV Geek)
(Comics: That Deaf GuyThe Bifter)

Jess Fick Draws for Comic Alliance’s “Great Comics that Never Happened” Series
Original Source: Comics Alliance – Also: Jess Fink’s Live Journal)


Scott Kurtz wants to do away with the term “webcomics” for himself. He’s now just a “cartoonist” not a “webcartoonist”.
(via: Webcomics Weekly #80)

The break song was We Are The FuMP by The Fump,
and is The FuMP’s 500th track on their web community.

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