Webcomic Beacon #188: Newscast #21: Comic News & Discussion for May 15th, 2011

Guest host Phil Kahn (Guilded Age) and later joined with Carter Fort (The Crooked Gremlins). Rosscott runs the show with Alex Heberling today, and thanks to Eric Kimble for being our newshound.



A New Collaborative Project by UK Webcomicers
(Original Source: Blank Slate Comics via Fleen)


Discussion of How to Portray Women in Comics
Original Source: Article4Wealth via When Fangirls Attack)

The Future of Media is Murky
(Original Source: Columbia Journalism School – via GiGaOM)


Why Online Tip Jars Don’t Work?
(Original Source: GiGaOM)

An App Only Strategy Can Lead to Downfall
(Original Source: GiGOM)

Further Information on the Yaoi Kindle Purge
(Original Source: The Yaoi Review and Robot 6)

A Comic/Game Hybrid App
(Original Source: Webcomic Overlook)


Graphic Storytelling By P. Craig Russel
(Original Source: P. Craig Russel Part 1 and Part 2)

Cartooning Principals Applied to Interface Design
(Original Source: UX Magazine – via Scott McCloud)

Graphics VS Aesthetics
Not specifically webcomic related but a good lesson for webcomic creators to learn.
(Original Source: Extra Cerdits)

Mouseguard Fan Animation
(Original Source: Pspynett – via Bleeding Cool)

Ron Perazza Resignes from DC Online
(Original Source: Bleeding Cool)

Webcomic Created for Free Comic Book Day
(Original Source: The Punk Site)

Thor Webcomic Released as a Dr. Pepper/Movie Collaborative Promotion
(Original Source: Marvel – via Bleeding Cool)

Waren Elis Freak Angels Exhibition
(Original Source: Bleeding Cool)

Call for Newcomer Artist Award Submissions
(Original Source: The Comics Reporter)


Icemaster Returns in Fear Itself: The Homefront #2
Returns after first appearing in a hostess fruit pie advertisement that was drawn by Frank Miller.  I know this is not webcomic related but what the hell.  You could not make this up.
(Original Source: io9 – via Bleeding Cool)

My Little Pony Watchmen Mashup Video
(Original Source: Comics Beat)

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