Webcomic Beacon #191: Beaconomics: The Cost-Benefit of Common Webcomic Activities

In this special Fesless main show, Adam Smithee and Tanya Higgins are joined by Comicpress developer and webcomics man-about-town Philip M. Hofer (Frumph) to to analyze several common webcomic activities from a cost-benefit point of view in the first ever session of “Beaconomics”.  Rounding out the panel are Tropecast regulars Mike Dellheim and Liz Statley.  They talk about what you really get out of a crossover, why webcomic navigation hasn’t changed in the last decade, and how people who steal copies of Photoshop are really undermining civilization as we know it.


The break song was Broken Economics by Rahim Samad – Notes:  Cameo & Crossover Archive, Crossover Wars, Chainbear, Sluggy Freelance, Matt Stevens

Webcomic Beacon #190: Newscast #22: Comic News & Discussion for May 22nd, 2011

Thereisnosaurus (Hero in Training) joins us today Eric Kimble leading the Newscast. Additionally joined with Mike Dellheim and Adam Smithee.



Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub Raise Money for Webshow
It took them less that a week to raise the $50,000 needed for the series.
(Original Source: PvP – Also: Kickstarter)

Liberty Medows Returns and is Posted Online
(Original Source: Robot 6 – via: Comix TalkFrasnk Sho’s website)

Many Submissions to Machine of Death
(Original Source: Machine of Death – via: Fleen)


Piracy Launches Publishing Success
(Original Source: Collective Inkwell – via Comix Talk)

Webcomics Raise $162,000 for Charity
(Original Source: Webcomic Charity and Kiva – via Fleen)

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Webcomic Beacon #189: Rethinking Webcomic Website Design

Rethinking the way that we read and present webcomics on our websites. Carter Fort (The Crooked Gremlins) and Rosscott (The System) join Fes and Tanya to discuss. A lot of great information for this show, and your feedback is most welcome!


Cover Art by: John Eaton (Flopside)

The break song was Redesign Your Logo by Lemon Demon | Notes: Zoë Robinson, The Oatmeal, Oglaf, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Spying with Lana, ComicPress, Webcomic/Inkblot, stripShow, , | Milestones: Beware The Slumpy (1yr), Office Rats (100), Demon Eater (500)

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Webcomic Beacon #187: The Tropecast #8: Drunk Tropes

Adam Smithee, Alex Heberling, Liz Staley, and Melissa Kaercher are here to drink to your health! … or, not really, but to cover drunk tropes and to go over The Webcast Beacon Network drinking game… which is not advisable to be engaged in by anyone. Drink responsibly in general, and where legally allowed. (of course!)


TV Tropes Links: Drunken Master, Gargle Blaster, Lampshade Wearing, Necktie Headband, Face Doodling, Beer Goggles, Alcohol Hic, Hideoous Hangover Cure,

Other Notes: Sour Toe Cocktail Club, After 12 (Fail Blog), Alex’s dress,

Webcomic Beacon #186: Newscast #20: Comic News & Discussion for May 8th, 2011

Amazon pulls yaoi from the Kindle; David Malki talks about theft vs parody; Are we losing our webcomic history? Rosscott writes about webcomic design, and seeks feedback. Plus much more! Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Eric Kimble our newshound run the show today.


Amazon Pulls Yaoi from the Kindle
(Original Source: Robot 6)

Help Artist Chris Wozniak
Lost his home in a tornado.
(Original Source: Robot 6)

David Malki on the Difference Between Parody and Theft
(Original Source: David Makli – via Fleen)
Resource: You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

Are We Losing our Webcomic History?
(Original Source: The Comics Journal – via Comics Beat)
Related: Bill Blackbeard reflection (via Salon)

Can You Be a Hot Girl and a Nerd?
(Source: Comics Beat)

Rosscott On Webcomic Website Design
(Original Source: Rosscott, Inc)

Speaking of Design, Will the Future of Computer Screens Be 3D?
(Original Sources: GiGaOM 1, GiGaOM 2)

How Social Networks Influence Sales
(Original Source: GiGaOM)

Interview With Zach Weiner
(Original Source: Forbes)

Fake Frank Miller Sketches on eBay
(Original Source: Bleeding Cool)

Survey of Who Print Comic Book Fans Are
(Original Source: Graphic Policy – via Bleeding Cool)

High Gas Prices Increase Online Sales
(Original Source: GiGaOM)

Webcomic Beacon #185: Penguicon 2011

Karen “Kez” Howard (The War of Winds and What It Takes) joins Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, Mark Savary, and Alex Heberling here at Penguicon 2011! Adam Smithee does join us later, as well. Basically, we start off real strong (lies), and interview Kez…. All the while she’s a great sport as hilarity ensues, because Fes has to be Fes, and Tanya reacts!

Please stay tuned for the VIDEO version of this podcast, as soon as we can get it mastered and uploaded! (Hopefully within a few days!)

Cover Featuring: Drawing Head Guy! (Ray Garety)

Additionally: Melissa’s photos from us drawing on Ray, and some more photos of The Webcomic Beacon crew and other webcartoonists from Penguicon 2011!

(Podcast file is below the videos)


Webcomic Beacon #184: Newscast #19: Comic News & Discussion for May 1st, 2011

Rosscott and Eric Kimble are joined by Dan Potter (Walking the Lethe) to go over the news of the last week. Covering Kickstarter’s birthday stats, Machine of Death 2 open submissions, Hugo nominees announce, and much, much more.



Kick Starter raises over 940K for Comics
(Original Source: Kickstarter – via Bleeding Cool)

Machine of Death 2 in Production and Accepting Submissions
(Original Source: Machine of Death – via: Fleen)

Reference the Munchkins Game in Your Webcomic and Win a Prize
(Original Source: Steve Jackson Games – via: ComixTalk)

Thought from the Mind Behind ReMind
(Original Source: Comic Book Resources)

Fuck You, Pay Me
Originally found on Night Gig. Mike Monteiro of Mule Design Studio gives a pep talk to fellow designers about protecting themselves from the cut throat world of business not really wanting to pay them.
(Original Source: SanFransisco/CreativeMornings via The GigCast)


Hugo Nominees for Best Graphic Story Announced
(Original Source: ComixTalk)

Multiplex Joins the Blank Label Collective
(Original Source: Blank Label Comics – via: ComixTalk)

American Library Association open up a Free Artists Alley
(Original Source: American Library Association – via: Robot 6)

Insight to the Creative Process of DC Talent.
(Original Source: Comics Alliance)

Greg Rucka Announces Intention to Start Steam-Punk Webcomic.
(Original Source: Stumptown Trade Review – via: Robot 6)

Webcomic App released for the Nook Color
(Original Source: Barnes and Noble – via: Bleeding Cool)

More People Want Adroid Phones Than iPhones
(Sources: GiGaOM 1, GiGaOM 2)

Most Awesome Ad for a Pen Ever. The Metal Pen.
(Original Source: Vat 19 – via: Onezumiverse)