Webcomic Beacon #181: Payment and Funding Options

Jeremy Bernal (NSFW: SexyFur and Tail Heat) and Mac Paladin (Starship Moonhawk) join Fes Works, Tanya Higgins, and Eric Kimble to discuss Payment and Funding Options. Carrying over a discussion from the last Newscast (episode 180), we continue the coverage that VISA is discriminating against certain kinds of websites…. but only in the United States and Canada. All the while MasterCard doesn’t. Don’t worry, we also go into additional ways to accept payments online.


Sites covered include CCBill, Vertotel, Epoch, Paypal, AlertPay, Flattr, and Square. We have call-ins from Max Vähling (Conny Van Ehlsing) and Caytlin Vilbrandt (Walking on Broken Glass).

Cover Art by: CD Rudd (Sailor Sun)

The break song was Tryna Get Paid (abridged) by Mr. 427| Notes: , | Milestones:Kitsune Kiki (100)

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You no longer have to pay Flattr in order to have a Flattr button on your site.

I’ve been using Flattr for around 4 months and definately get more donations that way. I think it’s great for webcomics and hope more people use it. There are creators I would love to support, imo making webcomics is a bit like web-busking: you put your art out there and hope someone tosses you a nickle! This way people can do that without worrying about spending more than they can afford.

My sister prefers Etsy for selling originals meaning you could still use paypal for micropayments.

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