Webcomic Beacon #178: Newscast #16: Comic News & Discussion for April 10th, 2011

T Campbell (Penny and Aggie, Fans!, Guilded Age) rejoins Rosscott, as well as Fes Works, for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! Again, Eric Kimble is our main newshound for most of the stories we cover.



Joy of Tech picked up by Business Week
(Source: The Daily Cartoonist)

Tokyo Pop to Reboot Website, Again
(Source: Robot 6)

Alice in Wonderland, Drawn One Paragraph at a Time.
(Source: on Facebook – via MTV Geek)

Japan Needs Heroes
Fundraiser for Japan by webcomic professionals.
(Source: itself – via many links – additionally: American Banking News)

15 years of Ubersoft (interview)
(Source: Ubersoft – via Fleen)

Did Doctor Horrible make a difference on the web?
(Source: GigaOm – via Bleeding Cool)

How to steal like an artist lecture
Source: Austin Kleon – via Scott McCloud)

Grumbling Discontent on the Drunk Duck Forums
(Source: Fleen)

Drunk Duck Quackcast 21.5, revealing their position and what’s been going on.
(Source: itself)

DJ Coffman Post step by step guide of hosting your own comic
(Source: himself – via Fleen)

Eisner Nominees announced for Best Digital Comic:
Abominable Charles Christopher, by Karl Kerschl, www.abominable.cc
The Bean, by Travis Hanson, www.beanleafpress.com
Lackadaisy, by Tracy Butler, www.lackadaisycats.com
Max Overacts, by Caanan Grall, www.occasionalcomics.com
Zahra’s Paradise, by Amir and Khalil, www.zahrasparadise.com
(Source: Eisners – via Robot 6)

Not mentioned on the show:

Rob Granito offers interviews, if you pay
After getting lambasted for stealing other people work and misrepresenting his experience.  Rob Granito has sent out an email saying he was the Charlie Sheen of comics and offering to do interviews for a price.
(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Pearls before Swine animation online.
(Source: The Daily Cartoonist)

Twitter moving to more advertising on the site
(Sources: GigaOm 04/05, 04/06)

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