Webcomic Beacon #174: Second Life Machinima Comics

Gwen Patton (Jenny Everywhere’s Infinite: Quark Time) joins Fes and Mark to talk about the Mega Multi-Player Online experience known as Second Life. As well as talking about making comics with in it. Elissa Rose (Girl vs Robot) also joined us later.


Cover Art by: Gwen Patton

Also, as The Webcomic Beacon The Webcast Beacon Network is gearing up for a new webfiction podcast. In that we are looking into doing webfiction readings and/or audio performances. Auditions are open for people to get involved, so we can make potential selections for regular or semi-regular voice work. The the piece people are welcome to either do a reading or performance, is Bunny Tacos. Feel free to do a section, or the whole sequence. Send submissions to WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com with “Bunny Tacos” in the subject. 128 kbps MP3 files should be good enough for right now, but save your higher quality recording, just in case. 

The break song was Second Life is Where I Want to Be by Nico Donburi | Notes: Warren Ellis’ Forum, Freak Angels, GIMP, Toxic Menges, Girl vs Robot, Elissa’s Second Life Designs, | Milestones: Gin and Comics (1 yr), I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle (100), Conny Van Ehlsing (10 yrs), Sarah Zero (8 yrs)

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