Webcomic Beacon #173: Newscast #14: Comic News & Discussion for March 20th, 2011

Garth (Finders Keepers) joins Rosscott, Mark Savary, and Fes Works for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! Again, Eric Kimble is our main newshound for most of the stories we cover. This week we bring up Comics For Japan, cartoonists helping in the Jason earthquake and tsunami efforts. Jess Fink also gets ripped off, AGAIN!

Also, as The Webcomic Beacon The Webcast Beacon Network is gearing up for a new webfiction podcast. In that we are looking into doing webfiction readings and/or audio performances. Auditions are open for people to get involved, so we can make potential selections for regular or semi-regular voice work. The the piece people are welcome to either do a reading or performance, is Bunny Tacos. Feel free to do a section, or the whole sequence. Send submissions to WebcomicBeacon@gmail.com with “Bunny Tacos” in the subject. 128 kbps MP3 files should be good enough for right now, but save your higher quality recording, just in case.



Comics For Japan
Support for Japan, both with comics, and links to safe and official donation links for aiding the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster.

Jess Fink’s stuff gets ripped off, Again
(Jess Fink’s Tumblr – via Dean Trippe)


Tablet Talk
(Asus EEE Slate)


Axe Cop partners with Steve Jackson Games
(Source: MTVGeek)

What the Small Comics Publisher Needs To Know About Kindle
(Source: Publishers Weekly – via WhirlyShirly)

Marvel and DC pick different digital distributors.
(Source: Bleeding Cool)

DC shuts down comments on post after too much bitching.
(Source: Comics Alliance)

Dave Kellett’s “The Freeing of the Comics” Speech on YouTube
(Source: YouTube – via Fleen)

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Ooh, thanks for the link to the speech on youtube. Something interesting to listen to while I draw. 🙂

I still say it Waycom, even though I know better. >_>

Always look forward to the Newscast. The only way I find out what’s up in the webcomic world not to mention other interesting tidbits: Asus came out w/a Tablet? Did not know that.
btw, Superman is clearly faster than ANY other superhero, bar none.

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