Webcomic Beacon #172: The Tropecast #6: March Mecha Madness

Adam Smithee, Liz Staley, Michael Dellheim, and Fes Works are here for MARCH MECHA MADNESS! That means we’ll be covering tropes revolving around giant robots! This also can include the sentient robots, such as Transformers; pilotable robots or giant robotic suits, like Gundam; questionably sentient pilotable robots, like Big O; or to a more cyborg like robot like Evangellion; and of course robots that form up into even gianter robots, like Voltron. All just to name a few examples. We also touch on the concepts of “real robots vs super robots”. … We also go off on a tangent with Power Rangers as well.


The break song was Giant Robot by Lizards From Afar

TV Tropes: Rule of Cool, Calling Your Attacks, Rocket Punch, Eye Beams, Everything’s Better With Spinning, Humongous Mecha, Super Robot, Real Robot, Combining Mecha, 5 Man Band, 6th Ranger, Meta Mecha, Hammerspace, Tim Curry,

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Great show, best tropecast so far. Reminded me that I was a big fan of possibly the king of ridiculous drills, Jeeg! I also watched Albegas, very interesting show. Since the robot had different abilities depending on who was forming the head at any given moment, the heroes were often caught off guard while arguing about the best tactical choice, and sometimes would agreeon the wrong option and be soundly thrashed. By the way, after all the Sailor Moon talk, do you even need to do a magical Girl tropecast anymore?

Yes, apparently we did, though Liz and I completely contaminated all the Magic Girl talk by (once again) talking about Power Rangers and Giant Robots. It should be up later this week.

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