Webcomic Beacon #171: Newscast #13: Comic News & Discussion for March 13th, 2011

Eric Kimball, our resident newshound, joins  Mark Savary and Fes Works for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja has been trusted to write a Deadpool miniseries for Marvel. Web-sold, first edition Mouse Guard #1 sells high in the collector’s market. Before Angry Birds, was an attempt to make money via a webcomic. Charlie Sheen (WINNING!) to be featured in a comic book, ala the Mark Zuckerburg comic book.

Also, with Convention Season upon us, we’ll be looking for Con Reports from people, of which we hope to mention and link people’s interesting stories and experiences! Please email us links to your Con Reports!



Christopher Hasting of DrMcninja to Write Deadpool
(Source: MTV Geek)

Mouse Guard #1 Sells to Collectors for Over $500
(Source: Bleeding Cool)

Creator of Angry Birds Made a Webcomic Beforehand
(Source: Wired UK – via ComixTalk – Comic: August Jessor)


Zach Weiner Interviewed with Skeptics
(Source: Mad Art Lab – Comic: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

ComixTalk asks you how you organize your webcomics
(Source: ComixTalk)

Charlie Sheen to be featured in Comic Book
(Source: CNN)

Comic pro’s twitter accounts hacked
(Source: Comics Beat)

Microsoft uses comics as an example of a hidden shame for dating
(Source: Geek Wire – via Bleeding Cool)
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