Webcomic Beacon #170: Gender Identity & Trans Issue Webcomics

Christine Smith (The Princess), Evelyn Poor (Trans Girl Diaries), and Samuel Orchard (Rooster Tails) joins Fes and Mark to discuss Gender Identity, Transgender, and Trans Issue webcomics… as well as some of the issues themselves, of course. A bit of a heavy discussion, given the topic, but a great listen. We even go a bit into related GBLTQ issues. In the notes you can find additional resources, and if you know of any, please post in our comments as well!


Cover Art by: Christine Smith

The break song was Who Am I? by Acquisotic | Notes: The comic of Trans Girl Diaries that Evelyn brought up on the show, BEM Sex Role Inventory, Kinsey Scale, Mr. Normal, Transmissions, Venus Envy, Penguicon 2011, Southern Comfort Documentary | Milestones: Antisoshell (100), Watcher of Yaathagggu (1 yr)

Resources: Gender Spectrum, Trans Youth Family Allies, The Trevor Project, Wellington Out Games, True Selves,

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