Webcomic Beacon #169: Newscast #12: Comic News & Discussion for March 6th, 2011

Bill Ellis joins Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Mark Savary for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric (Exiern) to thank for snooping out stories! This past week was a bit sparse on news. There’s news of a hearing on off-shore Intellectual Property Theft, Comics Alliance gets on The Daily Show, and a potential traffic sharing scam. … And Charlie Sheen, because…. topical! We also talk a bit about The Crimson Bolt and the Green Lantern movies.



Upcoming hearing on Intellectual property theft
(Source: A Distant Soil – via Bleeding Cool)

Comics Alliance Blogger on The Daily Show
(Source: Comics Alliance –  Link 1Link 2)


Be wary of “Scribol”; Traffic Sharing.

Charlie Sheen sayings cut into Family Circus
(Sheen Family Circus)

Crimson Bolt
(Source: Comics Alliance – via Bleeding Cool)

Will Eisner’s Birthday (Google’s Logo refected this)
(Source: Google)

Super Art Fight in DC
(Source: itself)

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