Webcomic Beacon #158: Filthy Figments: Adult Webcomics by Women

*This episode is NSFW*

Gina Biggs (Red String), Jennie Breeden (The Devil’s Panties), Megan Rose Gedris (Meaty Yogurt), Kittyhawk (Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki), Niki Smith (In Maps and Legends) join Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss adult webcomics! Well, specifically adult webcomics by women…. and MORE specifically the adult webcomics by women’s website, Filthy Figments! We of course get off topic, technically, but a very fun episode with plenty of naughty talking… and porn.


Cover Art by: Kittyhawk.

The break song was Bad Porno Sex by Phil Johnson of Roadside Attraction | Milestones: Conny van Ehlsing (200)

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This podcast and the previews made me realize I could probably never draw real penetrating porn. God Speed.

The part about learning about fetishes and doing fetish work is really relateable to me. My comic and most of my income is fetish work. Most guys seem to be really really grateful if you’ll draw their fetish and they’ll thank you forever. Sometimes that gets a bit too creepy though.

As for what I like. Big guys (Thin, muscley, chubby, as long as they’re a foot or more taller.) and small women. Size wise, not necessarily personality wise.

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