Webcomic Beacon #157: Newscast #6: Comic News & Discussion for Jan. 23rd, 2011

Rosscott, Alex Heberling, and Fes for this edition of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast! We also have newshound Eric (Exiern) to thank for searching for news and interest.


Diamond Book Puts Borders on Hold
(Source: ICv2 – via Sherlgirl)

Bleeding Cool Releases it Own Digital Comic Rating System
(Source: Bleeding Cool)


Steve Napierski’s Key Points for Beginning Webcomickers
(Source: Dueling Analogs – via ComixTalk)

The Washington Post’s Comic Riff’s Webcomic Awards
(via The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs)

Dean Haspiel’s Open letter to Content Creators
(Source: Dean Haspiel’s LJ – via The Beat)


Facial Expression Tutorial from Lackadaisy Cats
(Source: Lackadaisy Cats – via Adam Casalino)

Body References of Olympic Athletes
(Source: Nina Matsumoto – via Fleen)

Online Facial Expression Generator
(Source: The Grimace Project – via Fleen)

Hand References from AACCDN
(Source: Academy of Art Character and Creature Design Notes) – via Fleen)

Yen Press Launches it’s iPad App
(Source: Yen Press – via Robot 6)

Archie Comics to be Released Simultaneously Digitally and Print
(Source: The Daily Cartoonist)

Sell to iPad Without Using iTunes
(Source: Massive Sqwertz – via Comics Beat)

Photoshop Tutorial from the Rapping Styles of CMYKiller
(via College Humor – via ComixTalk)

Creator of Earthworm Jim Starts a Webcomic
(Source: Comixs Talk)

Book Releases

Drawn & Quarterly Announces It Will Publish Kate Beaton Book
(Source: ComixTalk)

Girl Genius Novel
(Book on Amazon.com – via Robot 6)

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Concerning the Washington Post Award, Jesus and Mo got a large volume of its votes from the blog Pharyngula.

Most of the traffic you see on the Project Wonderful stats are from this blog as well. There’s no way the Washington Post site can provide that kind of traffic.

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