Webcomic Beacon #156: 3D and CGI Comics

Paul Caggegi (Pandeia & The Process Diary) and Pam Harrison (House of the Muses) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss CGI comics. Particularly “computer generated comics” that utilize 3-D models and modeling.


Cover Art by: (cover art coming later… maybe)

Notes: The break song was CGI by Devo Spice, Blender, DAZ 3D, Poser, Maya?, 3d Studio Max?, Google SketchUp, The Dreamland Chronicles, The Challenges of Zona, Nikki Sprite, Sunset Grill, Crimson Dark, Purgatory, The Adventures of Kanira Baxter, Comic Creators Alliance, Filthy Figments, Illo Pond, Comic Book Resources, Milestones: Twisted Musings (500), Yosh! (1000)


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One tiny, tiny mention about 48 minutes in…but at least my comic is on the radar at all. 🙂

Glad I instructed Google Alerts to search for references to “The Adventures of Kanira Baxter”; never would have known you guys existed otherwise.


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