Webcomic Beacon #153: Webcomic Update Schedules

Ben Carver (Majestic Knight & Hero Academy) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss a bit about building a buffer, setting an update schedule, and maintaining an update schedule. There is a bit on hiatuses as well. There’s a bit of deliberation on buffers, especially when it comes to the type of comic one is doing.


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Cover Art by: Steven Novak (The Bad Guys)

Notes: The break song was The Happy New Year Song by Jon Caspi, Zebra Girl, Girl Genius, Something Positive, Oglaf *NSFW*, VG Cats, Becky Beacon’s Twitter, Penguicon (the official convention of The Webcomic Beacon), Penguicon Art Contest, Milestones: Girls in Space (100), All Over The House (2 yrs), Samurai Princess (100), Sarah Zero (300)

Becky Beacon’s Picks of the Month: Love Me Nice, Dead Winter, Amya Chronicles.

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Most of the two-weekers that I know of update on a Monday/Friday schedule rather than Tuesday/Thursday. I think it’s because we started out on a M-W-F schedule and simply dropped the middle day when we couldn’t keep that up.

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