Webcomic Beacon #142: Newscast #1: Comic News and Discussion for Nov 14, 2010

Fes is joined with Rosscott and Alex Heberling for this first episode of the Webcomic Beacon Newscast programming! We also have newshound Eric/Drowemos to thank for snooping out stories.


Comic news & Discussion: We talk about the Machine of Death book and the griping of Glenn Beck. PayPal has finally introduced a micropayments system with more reasonable fees. Several digital comic firsts including Rob Liefeld, Heavy Metal, Stan Lee and MTV. Also an interesting happenstance with 4Chan and the comic Underground. Finally we talk a bit about the future of comics, and webcomic women getting into adult comics.

Show Notes: Machine of Death, Rob Liefleld’s Zombie Jesus, PayPal Micropayment Press Release (via Business Wire), PayPal’s Micropayment product page, Stan Lee and MTV Geek announcement of The Seekers (via NY Comic Con via The Associated Press via Yahoo News), MTV Geek, Heavy Metal Magazine Presents it’s first digital comic, Gates, 4Chan bootlegs Underground, Underground, 10 Things to Know About Comics (Comixology original article) (Webcomic Overlook’s response article), Smut Pedler (Adult comic anthology by women, headed by Spike of Templar, AZ), Filthy Figments,

Book Releases (some grandfathered in): Questionable Content (book 1), Least I Could Do (book 7), The Zombie Hunters (book 1), Dead Winter (book 1), Zita the Spacegirl (book 1), The Book of Biff (book 5), Problem Sleuth (book 2), Machine of Death, Underground, Fera (book 1)

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Exactly as described: Newscast. Very informative and interesting (and I’m not a web comic artist). And, very entertaining at the same time. (Had me lol which as I said, not a web comic artist makes it very good.)

Really liked the comment about Glenn Beck!


How can I subscribe?

Actually, there’s one point I wanted to make about those Ten Rules articles. Both of them seem to be of the opinion that girls rule the webcomics (or at the very least that men need to pick up their game), which would be fine if it was true. However, I started thinking about some of the most well known and (I’m assuming) most successful webcomics out there. Just off the top of my head, I came up with PVP, xkcd, Penny Arcade, Sinfest, Mega Tokyo, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Penny & Aggie, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Something Positive, and Sluggy Freelance. And who writes those? Oh, yeah… A bunch of guys. Maybe my list is arbitrary. Let me know.

I would love to be proven wrong here, but until I am, I have to question the criteria that both of these lists make about the female dominance in webcomics. Both of them seem to think that if the women are outnumbering the men, they must therefore be setting the world on fire.

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