Webcomic Beacon #138: DEMONS!!

David Emerson (Underling) and Jilly the Foo (Demon Eater) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss DEMONS! Like the Vampire and Zombie episodes last year, this is a discussion of the concept and use of Demons. We talk a bit about theological and mythical aspects, as well as some in pop culture. We also try not to piss off any theologies…


Notes: The break song was Demons (Radio Edit) by The Wanton Looks, Unamused Comics, Blank It, Lethal Doses, Crazy Ghosts, Home on the Strange, PENGUICON 2011, Slightly Off-Topic, Youmacon 2010, Anime Detour, YU+ME, 30 Characters Challenge, Milestones: Tree Lobsters (200), Zombie George (100), My Cardboard Like (400)

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Fun episode! Love demon talk, and web-comics which deal with mythologies. I especially love that there are stories which take their cue from existing mythologies and then spin off in new ways. Great concepts discussed. Am a new fan of these new titles now brought to my attention.

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