Webcomic Beacon #137: Dead Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Nate to discuss DEAD WEBCOMICS! … as well as some Halloweenish comics. We start with talking about New Twitter and conventions, but roll into webcomics dying off. There’s also good tangential commentary!


Cover Art by: Ryan Dow (Introspective Comics)

Notes: The break song was Cookie Monster (Radio Edit) by xtt, MCBA FallCon, Spooky Doofus, Dead Winter, The Zombie Hunters, Night Zero, Jazz and Jess, Blue Dragon Comics, The Belfry lost comics, Archive.org, Zebra Girl, Tree Lobsters, Skepchicks, Mermaid Hostel, Peepshow 2001 Calendar, The Deadlys, P, C, & P, Crossover Kill, Charby the Vampirete, Underling, Demon Eater, The Webcomic Crossover & Cameo Archive, Emergency Exit, Parallel Dementia, Something Positive, Girls with Slingshots, Th3rd World Studios, Digital Strips, The Gigcast, The Dish, TGT Webcomics, Webcomics Wepodfadded,

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Thanks for mentioning Crossoverkill. Yes, it’s mostly the same guys working on it. Al Schroeder, Ben Carver, and Dan Magee are all on board. Plus they got me doing a few pages. Remus is still floating around somewhere. It’ll be a little different, but those familiar with the previous crossover will be right at home with this one.

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