Webcomic Beacon #136: Spotlight & Tangents with Adam Huber

Adam Huber (Bug) is spotlighted in this episode and joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark! The whole crew ends up going on tangent upon tangent of assorted thoughts on comic creation. But we also start ranting about Pluto!

Cover by: Adam Huber (Bug)


Notes: The break song was Bugs by The Detonators, Jennie Breeden’s FAQs, Templar, AZ, Spike’s Twitter, TGT Media’s What’s Cooking, Milestones: Villain’s Club (4 yrs), Sailor Sun (500), The Bess Effect (100), Slightly Off Topic (400), Gypsy (5 yrs), Claviger (end)

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Just listened to the show. Fes – you said that nobody has given you feedback about the musical interludes you’ve been putting in. I, for one, don’t particularly like them but I just skip through them (no big).

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