Webcomic Beacon #135: Building a Universe For Your Comic

Michael Dellheim (Prepare to Die) and Adam Smithee (The Apple of Discord) join Fes and Mark to discuss building the universe for your comic. Tangents a plenty, and there’s certainly more of the subject to look into in the future. But for now come have some fun with us!

Cover Art by: Shouri


Notes: The break song was Parallel Universe by Draggin’ Suzy, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, Goblins, Apple Valley, Blambot, Erant Story, DMFA, Dredsen Codak, Hero Academy, Milestones: Scientific Madness (200), Prepare to Die (1000).

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We need to do a show on story telling. I would also like to get people with different world building than what we’ve talked about. I feel we didn’t get a ton of good, specifics. It’s still fun to talk about all this stuff.

Yeah, there’s a lot of things that didn’t get covered, and the show didn’t have much structure. Of course that’s partially my fault because I was banking on Adam’s tendancy to make lists… and I assumed that Fes would have some plan on what to discuss on the subject himself. 😛

Yes, for the future I’m going to write notes and be prepared to give a lecture if necessary.

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