Webcomic Beacon #134: Featuring D. J. Coffman

D. J. Coffman (Hero By Night) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to talk about his comic Hero By Night and working with Platinum Studios, as well as his projects since, including Yirmumah and Will Draw Anything. We also go into his Cash for Cartoonists eBook and coaching project.

In the 3rd segment, Fes gets frustrated with… I mean we discuss coloring and color theory and printing.


Notes: The break song was Superhero by Straight Outta Junior High, OrneryBoy, Ardra, Reticle (wiki), Rectal (wiki), Webcomics.com, How to Draw Webcomics, INTERVENTION CON REPORT by Alex Heberling, , Milestones: Girly (ended), Galaxion (4 yrs), Tiny Ghosts (5 yr), Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (2000), Effort Comics (100), Wapsi Square (2000), Willow’s Grove (400), The Space Between (100), Short Pants Romance (100),


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I listened for the Coffman interview, but I have to laugh at the end discussion. Color theory is the way colors associate with each other to achieve a certain perception. The Fes guy seemed to completely miss the point, but it really seems to be from lack of research and experimentation. IF you’re working in a green color scheme, your brown may actually be a combination of colors, none of which are brown, but when combined in a certain way to represent a certain thing in a certain mood, are perceived as brown.

There is no brown.

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