Webcomic Beacon #132: Readers of Webcomics

Fes, Tanya, and Mark sit down with a number of webcomic readers, such as mKinyon, AudioJam, Kurt, Carbonics, Blue, & Spidermonkey from twitter! Consider this research! Readers are one of the most important aspects of webcomics, so let’s hear what they think! We also have a live performance of I Wish I Were a Questionable Content Girl.


Cover Art by: Adrian (Jayden and Crusader)

Notes: The song was I Wish I Were a Questionable Content Girl by Blue, Planet Karen, Sarah Zero, Dog Eat Doug, Least I Could Do, Penny Arcade, Questionable Content, P.S.I., Daisies and Shit, Autumn Lake, Angel of Saint Thomas, Blank It, Jack of All Trades, Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, El Goonish Shive, Multiplex, XKCD, Doctor McNinja, Shortpacked, Axe Cop, D.J. Coffman, Comic Sans Man, , Milestones: Hobo and Bowser (2 yrs), Godseeker (100), Starshipo Captain (1 yr),

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This has to be one of the “must listen” to episodes. In hindsight, I’m surprised that something like this wasn’t suggested sooner! Also it was good to be the ‘guy asking useful questions’. Yet another reason why people should listen and contribute.

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