Webcomic Beacon #131: Minneapolis Indie Xpo 2010

Evan Dahm (Rice Boy) gets interviewed at MIX! Melissa Kaercher (The Geek Life)  joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss the 2010 Minneapolis Indie Xpo, including a tale of the pre-party bathroom comic! This episode was created out of Episode 130 because it went on for so long!


Cover Art by: Robyn Seale (Watcher of Yaathagggu).

Notes: Intervention Con, Templar, AZ, Achewood, Webcomic Planet Ads Widget, Gypsygirl, Ardra, Paranoia High, ComicPress, Milestones: Girls with Slingshots (1000), Jazz and Jess (5yrs), X, Why? (500)


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Just one other thing: Fes, if you’re unnerved by run-down buildings made with wood supports, don’t visit anywhere maintained by English National Heritage (should you ever come to Britain). You’ll be scarred for life. 😉

People that are coming from the MIX site, and even attended MIX and my Crash Course to Webcomics, please note:

A Crash Course to Webcomics is available as Episode 130, but I’m also planning on revising it.

Listen to Episode 132 (when it comes out) as we talk to some readers of webcomics.

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