Webcomic Beacon #121: Open Forum

Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss a number of webcomic related questions submitted by an anonymous listener. Subjects ranging from popularity, branding, use of social media and networking, and dealing with confrontations!


Cover Art by: Alex Heberling (Garanos). Milestones: Life Ain’t No Pony Farm (1 yr), Yet Another Fantasy Gaming Comic (4yr), dingBeans (200), B.I.B.L.E. (1yr), My Cardboard Life (1yr)

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: FormSpring (Fes, Tanya, Mark), Sara Zero, Atop The Fourth Wall, CAD, History of Webcomics, PVP, Megan Rose Gedris, Peter is the Wolf, Chester 5000 XYV, Slipshine, The Devil’s Panties, Webcomics Weekly, TGT Webcomics, The Gigcast, Ben Carver, Zoë Robinson, Chebutykin’s Twitter, The Geek Life (podcast), CONvergence,

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