Webcomic Beacon #120: Featuring Yamino of Sister Claire

Yamino (Sister Claire) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark this week! We talk about her webcomic, her comic charity project, and another comic project she is planning. We also discuss a piece of her art being mentioned by Lady Gaga on Twitter! I also accidentally called this episode 220… twice…


Original Full Cover Art: Yamino’s Deviant Art.

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: Spying with Lana, Marsh Rocket, Star Trek Mistakes 4/5 (Data’s Paradox), ComicPress, Kiva, Freen in Green, Comic Listing, Union of Heroes, Night Zero, The Peculiars, The Peculiars’ Kickstarter, Pure and Hidden Truth, Jenny Everywhere, also…

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Wow, that’s such a cool story about Lady Gaga! It reminds me of something that happened to me. A while back I made this Simpsons-style picture of my favorite band Lifehouse and they put in in one of their MySpace albums. Later at a concert, the lead singer spotted me and asked me if I was the one who did it – on stage in front of everyone. Pretty exciting. I never got over it.

Nightingale sound REALLY cool. I’m really looking foward to seeing more about it. Yamino, you rock!! I simply can’t wait to see more of your work!!!

GREAT retelling of the Lilith story! I’ve been a fan of Adam’s first wife ever since Neon Genesis: Evangelion. (The only remnant in the KJB is the line “and man and woman he made them” – creation myth 1#… to be contradicted a few verses later with the whole rib thing).

I am hooked on your show as a podcast, which I listen to while working. I’ve been searching for a web-comic’s show with a more… mature approach? Too many are out there which pander to the widest possible audience. I love that you’re your own thing. Which happens to be my thing too!

Cheers, team!

Paul C

well… I used to censor the show a lot, and will still censor the extreme content or “aggressive swearing”. Partly for humor, and partly for content…. but yeah, I guess the show can never be fully “all-ages”…

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