Webcomic Beacon #108: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUUUUUUUU!

Jillyfoo (Demon Eater) and Nate (Jazz and Jess) joins Fes, Tanya, and Mark to discuss Self-Insertion, Mary Sues, Canon Sues, and Anti-Sues. Some debate rages on about what characters may fall prey to which category, as well as bringing up the flaws in writing things as such. We also put a bit of hate into Twilight… because it’s so deserving of our disrespect.


Cover Art by: W. C. PopeMilestones: Supernormal Step (1yr), Dead Winter (300), The Wanna Be Pirates (2yrs), Zortic (10 yrs)

Thanks to our announcer, Witchiebunny! Show notes: The Dish podcast, The Zombie Hunters, Least I Can Do, TV Tropes, The Crossover Wars, The Planet Closest to Heaven, The Escapist Webcomic Contest (Ends Feb 28th), Penguicon, and The Webcomic List Awards!

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I’m getting tired of all the Twilight fan-bashing. I usually enjoy this show, but after hearing for the millionth time that I’m psychologically unsound because I like a certain book is getting old. If you read a book and enjoy it, it doesn’t mean you think the relationships are ideal and you should go out looking for a sparkly vampire to fall in love with.

If I actually read the books or watched the movies, I’d probably *love* to really get into it more… then again this probably isn’t the place. I think it comes more down to questioning the actual quality of the writing and mentality of the writer, than the readers.

Though that is a huge Skype conversation of drama waiting to happen… Though I’ll try to monitor future Twilight bashing, to avoid it more… like bringing up Star Trek constantly 😛

To be honest, I put the little mention in text to potentially get a few more random google hits 😛 … honestly, the show’s best performing episodes is when drama has been involved o_O

… anyway, I’m rambling now… :/

BTW, for some reason, I like how you draw your noses. o_O

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