Webcomic Beacon #107: Flashy Comics with Pixton

New listeners, please note that the show is typically for ages 13+ or 17+. This episode is mostly PG.

Clive (Pixton) joins Fes, Tanya (NSFW), and Mark to discuss the Pixton comic creation site, as well as look into their business model. We then proceed to discuss a few other Flash created comics before just going into assorted discussion and Penguicon!


Cover Art designed using the Pixton comic creator.  Milestones: Alone in a Crowd (2 yrs)

Thanks to Witchiebunny, our announcer! Show notes: Toy Division (NSFW), Orneryboy (NSFW), Times Like This, Cybertropolis, Naked Came The Webcomic, and The Bess Effect! ALSO! Don’t forget to checkout our TWITTER and FACEBOOK!

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Don’t feel dumb, Fes. I didn’t know that Lewis did Atop The Fourth Wall either. The shit never told ANY of us! Al certainly didn’t know. We didn’t find out until we saw someone reference him on another website. And then I heard his name pop up again on the Game Heroes.

Lewis is very modest, I’ve noticed.

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